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Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Denesa

Hello, my name is Dr. Denesa Pozner.


Welcome to our office! If a friend told you to come see me, then you may have heard that I’m passionate about helping people reach their optimum health potential, especially children! When you step into our office, you will notice something different. Good! Our goal is to create an experience that is unique to you and your family. In order to understand chiropractic and its importance to your family’s health, I feel that it is important for you to know who I am, where I have come from and the events that have shaped me into the person and practitioner that I am today.

I did not grow up getting adjusted, and I did not receive my first adjustment until I was 20. In fact, my mom is a medical doctor so, like most people, I was raised without any knowledge of chiropractic at all! As a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I was involved in many sports growing up including hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing and even motorcycle riding. As such, I had a lot of minor injuries as well as some more severe impacts from motorcycle and car accidents. In college I ended up with debilitating migraines and discovered I had developed a scoliosis, neither of which traditional medical care was able to treat. Thankfully, a chiropractor saved my life, and, inadvertently redirected my career path from traditional western medicine to becoming a chiropractor.

From the beginning I believed that the body can heal itself under the right conditions, and that symptoms such as pain or emotional disorders are your body’s way of communicating to you that something needs to change. Sometimes we need a little help interpreting what our body is trying to say, and that’s where chiropractic comes in – to help pinpoint the root cause of whatever it is that’s troubling you.


One day a woman came to my office with her 9 year old daughter who was experiencing severe low back pain and sciatica. Kids in the office are nothing out of the ordinary, but as she explained the situation, I realized that this was a unique case. The daughter had been a competitive gymnast since early childhood, and had experienced numerous “minor” falls and injuries throughout her years of training and competition, and, more recently, a broken leg that had significantly altered her gait and posture. Due to the aggressive nature of her physical development as a result of starting athletics at such an early age, she had also developed considerable muscle imbalances and compensations that are more commonly seen in adults. The mom didn’t want her daughter to end up having surgery and the daughter was afraid that she would have to quit gymnastics because she could no longer progress in her skills due to the pain and associated weakness.

Taking that first step towards true healing can be scary, especially when it feels like there is no hope left. The whole first appointment I was in awe of both mother and daughter. They had been told that there was little hope and few options beyond medication and eventually surgery. They had so much courage driving 45 minutes to the office, three times a week, never missing an appointment despite a very busy school and training schedule. They had full trust in me and the power of chiropractic, not being deterred by grandparents who didn’t understand or friends who told them that chiropractic was just for adults.

Over the course of several months, I watched her transform. Her body became stronger and more balanced and with her new found strength and confidence in her body, her gymnastics skills soared. No longer was she the unsure, scared girl that came in that first day; she was strong, happy and confident. She is still competing to this day, and she and her mom still see me for maintenance care. I am proud to have her in my chiropractic family and am inspired by her courage and willingness to do whatever it took to regain her competitive edge.

After graduating chiropractic school I returned home to Arvada and have been practicing in Arvada’s West Woods community since 2005. I love that the community is so family oriented and the word quickly spread that we provide wellness care and see families, more specifically children. As a family chiropractor and a mother of three darling, rambunctious children of my own I LOVE taking care of babies and kids – so full of life and potential! I also love taking care of pregnant women and helping to make sure they have a great journey to motherhood and that their child starts his/her journey healthy from the beginning of life.

Every day my passion grows from meeting extraordinary families. I take a lot of pride in making my patients feel that they are part of a community of healthy families and that they can count on me no matter what opportunities or struggles they may be facing. Parenting can be difficult and we all want what is best for our children and other family members. Come in and let’s talk!

I look forward to getting to know you and your family and welcoming you into mine!

- Dr. Denesa Pozner

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  • "could barely walk at 9 months pregnant she worked a miracle! My 5 year old is so much better also. Plus when I noticed that the new baby always held her head to one side and had a problem breastfeeding on one side we went in. They were able to fix it and it became so much easier to breastfeed and the baby is so much happier."
    Sarah S.
  • "I will shout it from the rooftop! This place has changed my life. I didn't even realize how much pain I was living with until Dr. D and Dr. J started my treatment. I'm so much more aware of my body and am nearly pain free. I'm stronger. I'm happier. I'm not self medicating anymore. They are miracle workers here! My heart is filled with gratitude."
    Jessica C.
  • "I came to Dr. Dee with such back pain that I couldn't stand up straight and it was hard to walk and stand. I am a hair stylist and a single mother of six kids, I needed to be able to work and function. My doctor prescribed pain killers instead of trying to address the real cause of the problem. Chiropractic has given me my life back!! I couldn't live without Dr. Dee!"
    Wendy Wilson
  • "I began care with Dr. Dee on May 30, 2015, after a car accident that left me with upper and lower back pain and neck pain. I was unable to lift my one year old grand-daughter and missed walking, hikes and taking exercise classes. I tried to control the pain with OTC medications and alternating heat and ice, but it just didn't get better. Chiropractic adjustments have given me back my mobility, reduced and eventually eliminated my pain and I'm able to do my normal activities!"
    Joan Medina
  • "I was in a car accident in 2011 that left me with constant pain in my upper back and neck and it would become very severe at times. I lived day to day not knowing what I would be able to lift or accomplish at work. I did take physical therapy over the years and was prescribed muscle relaxants by my physician, but was open to another form of treatment, as it seemed these other things weren't working. Dr. Dee had restored most of my mobility and the pain is mostly gone!"
    Arnold Rodriquez
  • "I came to Alpine Wellness with a herniated disk in L-4 /L-5. At one point I couldn't even move. I felt like a fish out of water, life was miserable! The orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery and prescribed pain medication when I refused to go through with the surgery. Dr. Dee and chiropractic have helped so much, I never have had the surgery. I can move! The best side effect in my opinion is how strong my immune system has become. I'm a teacher and I never get sick!! My son was diagnosed "failure to thrive" when he was born and has seen Dr. Dee since he was a week old and man have we proved that wrong! He is so happy and healthy and big for his age!"
    Jennifer Archibald
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